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    Home » 2013 » June » 11 » Chapter 2[part 2]: Equations; L(ife)=P(eople)xM(yself)/R(eactions)
    0:29 AM
    Chapter 2[part 2]: Equations; L(ife)=P(eople)xM(yself)/R(eactions)

    Steven’s POV

                That dinner was probably the most awkward thing I’ve ever sat through. I mean, it’s like sitting in the middle of a war: waiting for someone to fire the first shot. I won’t say too much about it, mostly because I was spaced the whole time, but because I got distracted about what I was going to do later. This Friday, I didn’t go to the house like usual, because I had to go look for a job, which sucks. So, all day, I’ve had this weird feeling. Almost like there was something inside of me, calling me back to the house, trying to push out of me and go there.

                And so, that night after dinner, when everyone was asleep, I woke up from a weird dream, panting and trying to slow my heart beat. I know I have had a similar dream before, since I vaguely the one I had the night before, but it keeps changing. This might have to do with what had happened last Friday when I went to that house, but that’s a story for later.

        My dream started the same as the others have: I was running, dripping in sweat, through dark alleys, somehow leaping up over any brick wall that made a dead end and climbing up the side of buildings, but I never looked over my shoulder. I never felt any fear, but I was running. And I can never tell why. I just kept going, even if someone in my family appeared and called after me, I wouldn’t look back or stop.

        This is where it changed.

        Usually I end up falling into an abyss of some kind, bottomless pit, quicksand, lake, whatever, and I get stuck and feel trapped and can’t escape. Then a shadow looms over me, sometimes looking broader and more fit like a man, most of the time looking small, thin, and frail, like an old woman. But this time, I was about to fall into the crack in the ground, but I went over it. I stopped. And I finally turned around.

        I saw the figure, for the first time in all my dreams. And they looked like the spirit I saw in the house that first night, but dressed in black, like they were going to a funeral.

        I stared at them, and felt myself ask, telepathically, So, what are you going to do now?

        She replied by motioning to a notebook I just noticed by the edge of the pit. I glanced warily at her, but slowly walked over to the edge, sat down, and grabbed the book. I opened it to the last entry and saw the equation I showed my sister. Then I saw the looming shadow of the woman and asked What am I supposed to do with this?

        She simply gestured to the landscape. Then I noticed why it was always dark. This was the combination of my time and the time of before the sun existed. I looked back up at the woman, who was glancing more at the mountains to our left, while I was drawn to the buildings on our right. In the middle was a combination of a beaten path and a solid, concrete road, and hills far in the distance, where I felt the rumble of a dragon echoing back towards us. I felt like I had to hurry and do something before the sun was born and gave light to the land, so I got a pen from mid air, and started writing.


    All Life=[(family x friends x ghosts x past)x(myself x guiding spirit)]/(confusion x fulfillment x rewarded)

    All Life=[(6x7x6x4)x(6x13)]/(9x11x8)

    All Life=(1008x78)/792

    All Life=99.27


    I stared at the page, and felt the rumbling grow louder. I can’t make this many lists quickly!

        You don’t have to. Think about 99 things you love and hate about your world, my world, your friends, the spirits, all of it. You have 12 hours and 59 minutes to finish this task, once next Friday comes around.

        I blinked more awake now, and got more confused the more I thought about the dream. The fact that they replied confused me, but now I have a task? I don’t know what to do...

                Well, I thought, might as well get to thinking. Then I added, in a slightly different tone of voice, Maybe a night walk over to the house would be nice. I shrugged, which feels really weird, because I was leaning on my left arm and also because I felt like I was answering myself, and got up out of bed. I threw on, almost literally, like I was in a rush, a ragged old pair of jeans and a dark t-shirt, along with a loose jacket. I looked over at the time. Wow, I’ll look strange walking around at 3:30 in the morning huh?

                I snuck down the hallway and out the door without making a single sound, besides maybe breathing. That’s weird. I usually step really heavily, and - Hey, did I lock the door? I made a humming noise as I stuck my hands in my jacket pockets and began the trek out to the house. I noticed I kept interrupting myself, in a slightly different tone. I couldn’t quite place if it was more masculine or feminine, but it sounded used, worn out, aging. Strange. Besides that, I still feel like I have to think of 99 things. How much time do I have left? How can I tell when I start running out?

                Focus. Stop being distracted, the other voice said. I sighed internally and decided to start thinking. I was about half way to the house at this point.

                I began making a small list of things I like and dislike, but then I thought about something. I have until next Friday. That woman said I had to think of things I love and hate. Her world and mine. Spirits and my friends, living people. Two complete opposites. I had just reached the door and I stared at it, like it might give me some clues. Maybe....

                I shook my head to clear anything I had just been thinking about out of my head and opened the door. It swung open with its usual dragged out creeaakk. I stared in side. Then I felt something half pull me into the first room, the living room. But I also felt something from inside push me forward. It’s getting stranger by the minute! Maybe it’s just that woman from before.

                I decided maybe I could find some answers to my questions in that notebook I’ve been writing in. I’m not sure why I decided to today, since I never look back at what I wrote. I sat on that couch I had woken up on a year ago after hearing all those voices and chanting, and I looked at the scrawled black ink, in a different style then my own, and I saw an entry, and entry I wasn’t here for. Dated yesterday’s date, Friday July 12th, at 12:59 pm. It was more unreadable than normal, like they had to write quickly before anything happened to them, and ink blotches were all over the page, like it was written with an old fashioned pen.

                It was written in the neater style, but written so quickly, almost every letter overlapped the other and words were connected to one another. Not much time. Think of everything, and quickly! Not much time… Less than a week…. Hurry! Mortal, have a good sense of time and finish! NOW! Our worlds depend on you. Get your sister to help. Go! At the end of the entry, there was something red, and it started at the edge of the page and splattered across the rest. Was it blood? Then why is it still red? And why is it starting in the corner my thumb is in?

                I put the notebook down on the table in front of me, and realized I had a gash in my thumb. I looked outside and saw a violent storm of ash and hurricanes which flashed to the rising sun, a sign my family would all be waking up soon. I glanced back at the paper, and saw the splotches grown and spread until the whole page was dyed red. The cut on my thumb got worse, and I could feel the blood loss, even though there was none actually dripping from my fingers. Wait, fingers?? I closed the book and saw the blood spreading, spreading throughout the wood of the table and the smooth cover of the book.

                I could almost hear a voice yelling, yelling Leave now! Hurry! I followed it’s advice and ran, ran as fast I could, back to the house, just in time to see my sister trying to escape from the house for her usual Saturday thing. I hope she doesn’t think I’m completely crazy! I thought frantically as I ran up to her through the lawn, the dew soaking my pant legs and shoes.

                "Sis!” She turned, looking confused.

                "Hey bro, what’s-?” I cut her off after I came to a sudden stop in front of her.

                "I’m being haunted, and we are in danger.”

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