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    Home » 2014 » July » 12 » Chapter 4[part 2]: Dealing with Spirits 101
    6:35 PM
    Chapter 4[part 2]: Dealing with Spirits 101


                After I walked into the house with Steph, I started my normal routine for after I walk into the old house. I never realized I really had a routine until someone else was there. After glancing at Steph briefly, I thought about what I was going to write.

                I picked up the old-fashioned pen and dipped it into the nearly empty bottle of ink. I nearly drummed the pen against something – my lip, the desk, the ink well, who knows – but something held me back. Instead I hesitated and finally put pen to paper, falling back into my own world. Whenever I write, I feel this shift in me, like time has no boundaries and is meaningless, and I simply lose myself in my thoughts.

                Coming back from my personal reality, I blinked, setting the pen back down. I had to rub my eyes a bit to adjust to seeing the room because I leaned to close to the notebook as I wrote. Always a bit of a problem I have, but only when writing in this old notebook. I glanced down at it and pushed it across the desk to my twin.

                She had been leaning on her arms, crossed and flat on the desk, but now sat up and swiveled the book around so it faced her. She tossed a confused look over to me, but read it anyways.

                She’ll probably be more confused at the back and forth. I don’t remember what I wrote either, so it could be stranger than I expect.

                Stephanie furrowed her brow, looking up at me then back down, reading it over once more, from what I could tell.

                “I can see your head’s gears spinning from here, what’s going on?” I asked after a few minutes of quiet.

                After staring at me for a few seconds, she just turned the book around and slid it in front of me rather than answer my question.

                Maybe taking on this challenge was a bit too much to do. We’ve barely made a dent in the list we have to make!

                A child’s difficulties, especially today’s youth, are something I would much rather indulge, if given the choice.

                Hm, I know that I could probably think of some things to write down now, but I would want the list in front of me right now! I don’t want to be repeating things. Argh, screw it. Love and hate? 99 things for each… Let’s start thinking.

                Tsk took you long enough to recognize us both. If we assume 99 things for each list, it could take a while. I could throw out suggestions that I think of as we write the list.

                I’m going crazy. 99 things? In a short amount of time? Ridiculous.

                The stupid mortal still hasn’t noticed. Fine. I’ll let him stew a bit. Perhaps the girl he’s with will make him think.

                I guess family could be on both lists. Maybe I should think of things that I both love and hate at different times? That could help make this process go faster, even if it’s just by a little.

                Congratulations, you figured it out.

                I’ll need a new paper in a bit to officially write things down, but to start I’ll just write things. Family, work, people, insects…

                Personally, I hate blood, ignorant people in particular, and wild animals.

                I like stories, puzzles, and light.

                I prefer the moon, but I enjoy clouds and plants as well.

                I hate liars and bullies.

                You’re not even listening to my suggestions, huh?

                I like video games, movies, and the internet.

                Idiot, doesn’t even understand his task or the potential danger he is in! Just stop writing now, you fool!

                Oh. So that’s what I had said.

                “I feel like we could use this spirits advice that they are giving you. Do you always channel them when writing?” Stephanie asked, resting her elbow on the desk and her cheek in her hand.

                “No. Just when I write in this notebook,” I replied, lifting and shaking the yellowing notebook as I say that. “I don’t even know who could be writing that-”

                I had to grasp my head tightly, cutting off my sentence. I think Stephanie was asking me questions, but I could only feel and hear the throbbing of my head. I put it down on the desk, clutching it tighter than before. God damn, it felt like something was just taking me brain and squeezing it. Soon, Stephanie started shaking my shoulder, just as the squeezing started fading.

                “-en. Steven! Are you okay?”

                I shot a side glance at her and tried to smile, but it was suddenly too bright and I hide back into the dark shadow from hiding my head in my arms. I shut my eyes tight and thought about why this could be suddenly happening.

                Opposites. Love and Hate. Living and Spirits. Reality and Fantasy.

                Always to sides.

                Even to my thoughts.

                “Oh, so now you recognize me?” a soft voice whispered somewhere behind the two.

                “You’re wearing the same thing as last time…” was all Steven could mumble before he fell forward, the woman catching him.

    -           -           -           -           -           -           --          -           -           -           -           -           -

                The woman that had just appeared suddenly changed clothing and had an almost see through, like a nightgown, white dress on. It looked as if it was made of silk, though Stephanie knew that attempting to touch it would result in her only brushing air.

                Stephanie glanced up. “Who are you?” she asked the woman.

                The woman smiled a small secretive smile, her middle aged face showing far more wisdom than someone her age should possess, grey eyes flashing. Her clothing changed once more back into the black cloak that covered her entire body. This time, however, the hood was pulled back and revealed her very light brown hair falling down her back.

                “I believe that you know who I am. Or will soon at least. Come, child. I need to put your brother down somewhere before I grow weak from exhaustion.”

                Thunk, thump, whoosh. Thunk, whump, woosh.

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