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    Home » 2014 » May » 26 » Conflicts of Ra and Seth
    0:18 AM
    Conflicts of Ra and Seth

    Conflicts of Ra and Seth (Egyptian)

                The Sun God and an enraged member of the Ennead flowed down the Duat in the evening boat. The god of chaos paced along the edge of the boat, trying to talk and watch for the snake. The ram-headed god rubbed his temples as he stood at the bow of his ship. He could sense Osiris growing tired of Seth already, and the journey had only just begun. This journey to his rebirth would be a long one…

                “…and then Horus has the nerve to send messages to me through his followers! I finally accept the fact that I don’t have as many followers, compared to the old days, and he has every one of his followers set up spells going against me! I mean-”

                “Seth!” The typhon-headed god stopped mid-rant and turned towards the Sun God. “I understand you are affected by this, and as the one you are protecting, I am fine listening, but we are in the Duat with Apep trying to escape again and I am joined with the lord of the dead, the father of Horus.”

                Seth stared at the Sun God turned facing him at the front of the ship. He could sense the death lord’s presence, but it seemed more prominent today. Was Osiris offended because I insulted his son?

                “Sorry, my lord.” His snout turned downward at the edges, frowning. He turned back to look into the depths of the underworld and re-trained his rectangular ears to listen for the slithering of Apep. Pay attention. Ra must go through rebirth.

                Ra shook, closing his eyes for a moment, running a hand across the curve of his horns hoping to calm himself. Seth may be his protector, but he is still the chaos god. Drama is expected with his chaos causing problems for others around him. He felt Osiris send out a wave of hate for a moment. Understandable, seeing as Seth killed him, causing him to become the lord of the underworld.

                The rest of the trip was made in much silence until they were very deep in the underworld, almost to the east where he would be reborn, when Ra spoke once again.             “Seth.” The other god was immediately aware, though he was called quietly. He stared at the one eye of the ram staring at him, and saw the light from Mesektet reflecting off of the circular horns, feeling like he was being evaluated, “Yes, lord?”

                Ra inspected the way the curved snout twitched, eyes flashing, preparing to fight or run away, the one ear listening to Apep, the other to him. “These feuds… They are ancient. As old and, in some cases like ours, older then Egypt itself. It would not exist if you did not create the deserts you rule over. Ma’at would not be in balance without your presence. Osiris would not rule and Horus would not be as important without you. Nowadays, you are seen as evil and unworthy of being worshipped. I know you feel outdone,” the two joined gods began to separate as they always did near the end of the journey, Osiris’ mummified form appearing behind Ra. “But we, the lords of death and the sun and rulers over the underworld and all other gods, feel… regret for allowing our fights to carry on for millennia and not clearing up your name.” Seth stared in shock at the two major lords, the ram now having his back to the east and headed dipped, as well as the man he killed so long ago.

                Both voices continued speaking. “Osiris shall speak with Horus later, as well as the rest of the Ennead to see if we can stop being at war. To see if we can reunite as the family we are. Brother, we do not like you for your past mistakes. But you have served Ra well. The others deserve to know as well. Return to our table as our brother, son, uncle. No one truly believes in us as gods anymore. We might as well drop our fights. Begin anew. See how all plays out.” Osiris’ spirit drifted further away and grew brighter, showing his crown and regal robes more vibrantly.

                It was Seth’s turn to bow his head. “Thank you, brother, for giving me a chance. Thank you, Ra, for giving us hopes of restarting the reputation of the Egyptian gods.”

                Ra smiled the best the ram’s face would allow. He could feel himself growing stronger, and the sun on his skin. “You are welcome, friend. Perhaps one day we can convince other gods without any real worshipers to join us as well.”

                Osiris snorted, causing the other two gods to stare at him in confusion. “The first two sets of gods that come to mind are the Greek and Roman gods. They are too set in their ways. They must age. Their small feuds are what causes mortal harm and mortal wars. They must learn on their own as we have.”

                When the boat was beginning to leave the underworld, Osiris waved them off and flowed back down the Duat while Ra rose to the skies, landing in his morning boat, returning back as the falcon-head lord, the sun disk beginning to grow over his head. Seth stared at the two different lords. I wonder if this shall truly begin a new age as they promise, as well as if it shall end as the others did… He turned back and set off to the desert, ready to create sandstorms as always. Or maybe things will stay the same, but this time, I’ll get recognition.

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