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    Home » 2013 » November » 8 » Ditionary and Reference guide
    1:03 AM
    Ditionary and Reference guide

    Dictionary Reference and Pronunciation Guide

    Samhain – (SOW-in) a Gaelic festival that celebrates the new year on November 1, marking the end of summer and harvest and the beginning of the dark winter which is usually associated with human death. It’s believed that on the night of October 31st, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred; this night Celts celebrate Samhain while spirits caused trouble and wrecked crops. Druids, Celtic priests, also could divine the future better during this time of year

    Citizens - the "monsters" of the village; the accepted ones in their society

    Balor – the demonic God of Death in Celtic mythology; has one eye that could kill with a stare (which is why it usually remained closed) and one giant leg; he is also the King of the Fomori, demons who lived at the bottoms of lakes and seas

    Odin – Norse god of wisdom, poetry, agriculture, and war; has only one eye (the Sun) since the other was traded for a drink from Mimir’s fountain. Gungir is his spear which never fails to hit the target he aims for

    Valkyrie – women warriors who bring the souls of those fallen in battle into Valhalla (sometimes referred to as the Hall of the Slain)

    Strangers - the part mortal, part creature people in the village; outcasts in the creature society

    Morvan — (MOHR-vahn) comes from Old Breton mor, or "sea"; deceased father and husband who took on the personality of a merman

    Cuilliok — (KWIL-yok) Cornish word for "soothsayer"; a Stranger and a merman/Dearg Due

    Rhiannon — (rhee-AHN-on) from Celtic Rigantona, or "divine queen"; a nymph who spoke her mind with wit and whose birds sang more sweetly than any mortal bird; mostly a dryad and deceased mother and wife

    Nimue — (NIM-oo-ay) moon goddess who was also called Viviene, Niniane, or Lady of the Lake; a Stranger and a dryad/wisp

    Dullahans - can be translated to "dark man"; he carries his head under an arm and rides a headless black horse, and when he stops riding, a mortal will die. Some throw buckets of blood at people he passes while others call out the name of the mortal to die. Or all their ferocity, they have a fear of gold.

    Banshees - a woman you may appear as beautiful and young or old and ugly; she will release a blood curdling wail three times before a mortal dies. She also teams up with a Dullahan from time to time, riding in a black cart drawn by six black horses; the two will usually whip their horses with a mortal's spinal cord

    Merfolk - many kinds or merpeople are simply a human torso with a fish tail, but some can have different designs with different meaning on their torsos; not many can transform unless they have mortal blood

    Dryads - spirits of trees; Druids connect with dryads for many things, usually spiritual guidance, assistance with healing, and problem solving

    Wisp or Will o' the wisp - a small spirit that glows and tends to lead travelers the wrong way or to hidden treasures

    Amena — "honest woman"; pure mortal in question

    Elowen — (el-OH-wan) from Cornish elew for "elm"; Amena's brother

    Vala — "chosen"; mother of Amena and wife of Menguy

    Menguy — (MAYN-gee) from Old Breton men (stone) and ki (hound or wolf); father of Amena and husband to Vala

    Elves - keep balance in nature; many different types for all elements (earth elves, fire elves, etc)

    Carman – Celtic witch of dark magic; usually roams with her 3 sons Dub, Dother, and Dain (or "darkness", "evil", and "violence"); believed to have been defeated by the people of Danu and drove her sons across the sea, but she still appears around All Hallows Eve

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