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    Home » 2013 » October » 6 » I'm pretty lame, sorry
    11:51 PM
    I'm pretty lame, sorry


    So, since I didn't want to write my essay, I decided to write some more. And it's been forever since I've updated. I'll try my hardest to finish it this week, but, you know, laziness and such.

    Let's see here... Book-wise, I've been reading Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, which is pretty good, but it's kind of annoying to read. Olde English sometimes, super smart 11 year old chemist, and some very educated people. Yup. Oh yeah, and a murder that brings back memories of another murder and the smart 11 year old is trying to solve it. Sounds interesting, eh? And I'm going to try and read Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe soon along with Grapes of Wrath, so this could be interesting.

    Music-wise. So much to say.... uhm... first off, I'm obsessed with Alone by Sleeping with Sirens (ft. MGK), Let Live by Of Mice & Men, and Memories of a Broken Heart by Crown the Empire. If you like metalcore or post-hardcore ('screamo'), then try these out! Alone doesn't really have any screaming, but still. And because I got curious, I clicked on one of the suggested videos and I discovered Snow White's Poison Bite. Their song, The End of Prom Night, is really addicting for some strange reason. Seriously don't know. And Fit For Rival has an awesome (female) lead who has this perfect rock voice. I don't even know how to describe it. Uh, I guess it's a really good rock voice because she usually gets mistaken for a guy or something.

    And I almost forgot 2 songs. The first song released from Linkin Park's new album, Recharge, is called A Light That Never Comes (ft Steve Aoki) and it's AWESOME! Gives them a slightly different feel then normal, but still has all the awesomness of Linkin Park. Then there is Pierce the Veil's cover of Don't Fear the Reaper (originally by Blue Oyster Cult) and it's really awesome. Especially the ending that's really soft and need to turn up your sound for.

    And finally: I still need to draw stuff, but here is a drawing of a hippogriff from Harry Potter. And no, this isn't my own design. This is a drawing I made in art class freshman year of high school because a friend wanted me to, and she found this picture. It's originally from a website called under H is for Hippogriff. Not sure if they actually drew it or not, but that's the place we found it (according to Google images).

    Hope I can give a story update soon!


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