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    Home » 2015 » July » 18 » Love between Grandpa and Annabel Lee
    8:11 PM
    Love between Grandpa and Annabel Lee

    There was an old man who lived with one of his sons and their family. In his age, he began turning towards darker thoughts. But the little grandchildren loved his stories all the same.

                    “Grandpa!” yelled the youngest at age 5. “Tell me a story!”

                    The man chuckled. “Which one?” he asked, knowing the little one always had a certain story in mind.

                    “You and Grandma of course!”

                    The old man laughed again, coughing a bit, then helped the boy up onto his lap. He cleared his throat.

                    “It was many and many years ago. We always said our home town was like a kingdom by the sea. There was a woman who lived there whose name was – “

                    “Annabel Lee!”

                    “That’s right, Annabel Lee. We married when we were still young and practically children, at the age of 20. After we married, she seemed as if she barely thought of anything besides the two of us for years after. I think that’s because we were very, very much in love. Hell, the angels above us in Heaven were jealous of us being together!”

                    The child giggled at the thought of angels, representing everything good, would be so jealous. He anxiously awaited the next part.

                    The old man’s voice became more somber, sounding rougher than moments before. “These angels were so jealous, they made a very cold winter come through. The wind was so cold it simply chilled my darling and made her met her end. Her family took her away from me, away from where we lived, and decided to put her by the rest of their family.”

                    The man sighed, and swiped at his eyes quickly, returning to holding his grandchild. Then he chuckled.

                    “Oh, how jealous angels can get! I kept her bundled up that night, but the cold wind must have been aimed at her when she died that night, barely even 30. Her family was convinced I hadn’t done the proper things to keep her safe and warm. Older people may have lived longer, may have more experience, but they didn’t know how we felt about one another.”

                    The old man sighed. “I won’t be placed by her now. But no one, not even angels above us or demons below could keep my soul from my beautiful Annabel Lee’s! Not a night has gone by where seeing the moon hasn’t reminded me of my love, or where I dreamed of her, or the stars reminding me of her beautiful, beautiful eyes sparkling.”

                    The boy clapped and smiled before the old man could continue. “It’s alright Grandpa, you’ll see her again!”

                    The man smiled back. “I know I will, little one. I know.”

                    When the boy was 7, his grandfather disappeared. This happened every now and then in his old age, saying he saw his beloved Annabel Lee. What they didn’t know is that the young boy saw her also. The day his grandfather disappeared, he asked to go to Grandma’s burial site. This concerned the parents, but they went, knowing the boy was very close to his Grandfather.

                    On arrival, they found workers surrounding the grave. The boy ran up to the group and looked down into the hole. They tried prying him away but he kept moving forward, until they gave up.

                    The Grandfather had dug up the grave, in their old home town, the “kingdom by the sea,” and pried open the coffin to lay down intertwined with his beloved, beautiful wife Annabel Lee. Just as he had done the night she had died.

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