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    Home » 2013 » May » 1 » The Art of Faeries and Humans
    0:15 AM
    The Art of Faeries and Humans

    The Art of Faeries and Humans(more Celtic)

                Long ago, far before the existence of mortals and humans, the creatures of myth lived and roamed happily, and for the most part, in harmony. The brave dragons helping protect each realm, naiads and nymphs assisting in protecting the woods and the seas. Unicorns and pegasi helped heal their fellow creatures who had a fight with another of their kind. These were the major protective characters of lore who helped banish previous land creatures to the depths of the sea for eternity, like the kappa and Leviathan.

                Then there were the fae people: the pixies, elves, brownies, and sprites of all kinds, as well as the goblins and trolls, the more unruly relatives of the faes.

                The most widely known fae for being the happy and always celebrating creatures of the world were the faeries. Adorned in leaves and petals from the flower or tree they reside in, they gathered in large groups at the biggest expanse of meadow or tallest and biggest tree in the forest. From there, some would pull out a lyre made of bark and fine unicorn hair or reed pipes from  the stocky plants near their home, occasionally with horn blowers who crafted their horn from leaves of all shapes and sizes.

                During one celebration, the famous May Day festival, originally started by excitable faeries awaiting a season change, a group of faeries gathered in the middle of tall weeds and rampant grasses filled with ladybugs and butterflies decided to change things up a bit.

                They had begun to grow lonely being the only creatures with ears, eyes, hands, feet, legs, and arms like they had. So that night, they decided to celebrate the creation of "humans” while they gorged upon the grapes brought by other faeries and drank the nectar of the budding lilies. They had decided to make them like themselves, but added very radical changes.

                They changed things like making them much bigger, but as equally happy as they are. They made their ears rounded and noses and facial shape not quite as prominent as their own to give them a softer look. They gave them a touch of magic so they could still use magic skills and listen to animals and the woods when they had to. They asked the animals living in the nearby forests what they thought of this idea.

                Some told the faeries it would end all of their races one day, while others said it would be great to have more people like them around. But a wise owl approached the faeries as they began sculpting their "humans” out of clay, all making them a little bit different from one another, and when he perched upon a low overhanging branch from an ever-growing tree, he questioned them.

                "Have you all thought of what may come from these "humans” of yours my friends?” he hooted. They replied saying they had, but many refused to believe it could happen to their kind. "How do you suppose they’ll act?” They all claimed they would act like they did, to which the owl blinked his large yellow tinted eyes and asked, "But if they are supposed to be different, why will they be the same?” This question made all the faeries stop sculpting their clay and turned to look at the owl from where they sat. "They will have the blood of the fae people; that includes your belligerent troll brethren, your kindred brownie neighbors, and they will be far larger than any of you sprites are, and bigger than many protectors, if I am correct?” he continued, then turned his head all the way behind him to spot the more devious creatures, the snake and the fox, along with the wolf, the ox, and the mouse.

                "It appears we have more people to comment on the subject,” the owl claimed sagely, then turned back to the faeries. "Listen carefully, listen well. This decision will change everything.” He spread his spotted brown wings and took off silently, the small breeze from his wings creating a soft rustling and he flew off into the night.

                "Sso,” the snake hissed loudly, dropping down from the owl’s previous perch, slithering along the branch and weaving through the air. "Making a new kind, my friendss? Sshall I give my opinion on the matter?” he questioned, and when they all grudgingly approved, his crystal eyes glimmered. "I believe they sshall be good for uss all. Help to change uss.”

                The fox interrupted, his sweet sounding voice attracting everyone’s attention. "I’m sorry, Snake, but I don’t believe that.” His tail swished back and forth while he added, "I believe in the changes, but I doubt they will be good for the animals. Perhaps for the faeries, but they will have to find a new place to live.”

                This time, the wolf interrupted, her gruffish voice gathering their attention quickly as everyone’s heads snapped towards her. "I don’t trust these "humans” already, seeing as they have gained approval by the snake and fox,” she barked out, causing the faeries to look at the two animals. "If you create those big people, I shall forever have a war with them. Goodbye.”

                As the she-wolf disappeared into the forest’s depths, the ox snorted. "Far too judgmental already. I do not trust them either, but if you wish to make them, go ahead, I shall not stop you. If need be, my descendants and I shall work for the humans,” he lowered his head, looking at the mouse. "My little friend? Any comments?”

                The mouse nodded and ran up to the faeries. His soft voice squeaked, "Make the humans, and we, the creatures here right now, must go and hide somehow. We were meant to recede back to where we came from, and these humans are the key. They shall know and remember us all, but do not forget to hide. Humans will quickly lose their ability to speak with sprites and animals and other, hhmmmm, "faery tale” creatures, if you don’t mind me calling the dragons and things that.”

                The faeries nodded, acknowledging all of their input, and the animals headed home. The faeries let all of their brethren know what they were doing and set to work. The next morning, the human girl and human boy saw them, and looked at them the way children always will. They grew quickly, which the faeries meant to happen so they could see the results, and by the time the two humans had become fully grown, they thought it all to be false. They called the stories "faery tales” as mouse said, and left the meadow. Ox, later on in time, helped the humans with towing things and his descendants were occasionally used for food. The fox, wolf, and snake were all used for food, the fox’s pelt the most valuable and known as sneaky, the snake deemed too dangerous and always killed so no one would be bitten, and the wolf was a majestic creature some respected and others feared, especially many eons later, when the she-wolf, Lupa, appeared in Rome and helped start a warrior city.

                During this time, the creatures all hide and made another earth directly underneath their feet, and a very small portion of adult humans believed they were real while many children read stories of the dragons or unicorns who appeared occasionally to prove they still existed.  This is where they were, are now, and forever will be, until the humans destroy their home too much for this "mythical beings” to handle.

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