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    Home » 2014 » August » 20 » The Elements
    1:14 AM
    The Elements


    Water is a flexible, bendable element. Only those who appreciate truly and wholly can hope to bend to their own shape, however.  Water is fluid and can get itself out of most situations. It can be a raging torrent that only causes destructions, or a small trickle that does no damage to others. It can flow slow and steady or fast and erratically.


    Water is the element of calm. Places like rivers and waterfalls are common places of meditation, and oceans and lakes are the most visited places for relaxation and fun.


    Water is the element that constantly changes. It can be calm and at peace one moment and instantly turn into a raging and out of control thing no one can stop or fight against.


    Water is the element that smoothes and carves out the earth, and is the only one that can slowly and surely make the earth bend to its will. It's the only one that can give life to the earth, and in turn be granted a path to flow through, creating the rivers, strange rock formations, and valleys we all know of today.


    Water is the one that mingles with air, especially when it is raging and angry. Water and air cause the worst disasters together, and they destroy and kill everything and anything. They can both sweep up suddenly and cause a commotion everyone will know of.


    Water is the only element that calms the fire every time it gets mad and causes many, many problems for everyone. Water and fire are the two opposites, yet they are the ones that get along the best out of all the elements.


    Water is one of the more deceiving elements. On the surface, it can look calm, cool, and collected. Once someone breaches that surface, they will find a whirlwind of activity stirring about, each trying to survive and adapting strange attitudes to match their mother's nature and hide under her guise.


    Water and her children are constantly fighting a struggle, and range from angry to calm at all times. They all wear a different disguise to either blend in or stand out a lot. Most are deadly in their own way, while some are simply living out their life.


    Water is the one that cares most for her offspring, and still hides the most secrets out of all the elements so far.


    Earth is a steadfast and sure element. It survives against all odds, even if water or fire destroy some of it now and then, it stands. The ones who love the earth appreciate the way it grows without a completely set pattern, how it houses many creatures and insects, and how it can be used to protect them. Earth helped contribute a lot to human survival, providing different materials for weapons, shelter, fire, and ways to ambush and confuse others.


    Earth is made up of the rocks, plants, and trees everyone knows of and sees every day. Earth is used to create a feeling of calm and peace, through Zen gardens made of rocks and sand or through incense and other sweet smells. But earth is also an element that attracts all the others, and it can become very vengeful and angry. The earth can rain rocks down onto those on the hillside or split the earth open underneath others, or even become weak at certain areas and break off with the slightest pressure.


    Earth is one that stays mostly stagnant and still for many years at a time, taking its time to grow up to be big and strong or cement itself further in place and claim a home of its own.


    Earth is an element that will bend to other elements of its kind. It can let itself be lit on fire sometimes, it allows the water to flow through, and it allows the wind to push its branches onto one side. However, the cost for all of this is growth.


    Earth needs water to grow its trees and plants, and she thanks the water by clearing a way for her forever. She sometimes needs fire to spread herself further, and allows the fiery sun to burn down on dry patches and set herself alight. She allows the air to push her around because it allows the creatures within her forests to spread, as well as the small products that will soon grow to be a new plant or tree.


    Earth is the one who will act strong for others, and stand tall and strong for those who need her, but her family and the ones who love her see and accept her weaknesses, because her facade is nearly impenetrable and they all respect her for being so powerful through it all.

    ̾ Fire  ̾

    Fire is the element of rage and uncertainty for many people, but it is the one that helps clear out old things to make room for new ones. It can cause pain and destruction, but it helps to let the humans grow and discover new limits. Fire also provides warmth and light for humans, and new ways to eat food.


    Fire is an element that is provoked by air, but earth can help to make it. Air stirs it up, using small jabs and jests to get on its bad side until it rages beyond anyone's control, and the air keeps feeding it and leading it farther and farther, causing more destruction and damage. Some of earth reacts to fire, and it keeps adding on to it, whether it wants to or not, it becomes consumed and used very quickly.


    Fire is an element who loves her opposite, water. While both are similar in many ways, from being flexible and easy to escape from a person's grasp to how much destruction they can cause in a small amount of time. Fire is always calmed by water, even if it's just a little bit. They can cancel one another out and join in a graceful dance with steam that calms everyone down.


    Fire is one who holds back so much that she eventually just explodes and takes out all her pent up rage on others who don't deserve it. The earth that contains her or the freezing air that cools her can no longer keep her back and she causes havoc for everyone she touches with her burning extensions. After she lets all of that loose, she finally calms down and cools off again.


    Fire is an element that loves to travel and because of this spreads very quickly. Even the smallest ember can turn into a large brush fire, and even if she regrets it, she won't regret having the chance to see more of the world.


    Fire is the element that allows herself to be seen as something to be feared because she doesn't like having people too close to her. But fire is the one that represents uncertainty and something out of control in extreme cases, and she embraces this aspect. Because she knows that her other side is one that allows people comfort when they are cold during the winter and the one that helps make things better with just a bit of her warmth.

    ҉  Air  ҉ 

    Air is the element of calm and cooling, although it can be as volatile as fire and as flexible as water. Air is a nice breeze on a hot day, or a wind that blows in from over the ocean, creating a relaxing feeling. Air is the one that everyone appreciates, but they can also hate.


    Air is the one that comes with a hurricane and creates a lot of destruction, or when hot and cold meet and twirl him round and round until he goes stumbling around and falling over things as he goes by, unaware of what he is doing. Air is also the one that can provoke fire until she is raging and out of control.


    Air is the one that takes things in stride. Whatever new obstacle comes his way, he doesn’t fight to overcome it, and he simply slides around it under most circumstances. Air can push and pull a bit, until he gets his way, with other elements like earth or with humans.


    Air is the one that likes to mess around with others, which is why on a windy day, everyone’s things - from their hair to their hats to anything they drop – goes flying away or circling around them. Air can cause small dust devils now and then to pick things up and throw them at someone else, all because he wants to be entertained.


    Air is the one with the good heart, but is too much of a trickster to do much good for his siblings, and causes grief more often than not by blowing plastic into the ocean or papers out into a bush.


    Air is the one who simply straps himself in for the ride of a lifetime each time he wakes up and goes on a trip, and always acts like an excited little kid, ready to see more swaying blades of grass on great open fields or see small sprinkles fall on people as he passes through quickly. He keeps the fact that most love the small winds or slight breeze to pass through, and does his best to do what other’s want, although he does sometimes get distracted along the way and goes off course or slower than usual. Air is the one that keeps people guessing the most.

    ₪ Metal ₪

    Metal is a newer element that is made by man. Metal is stronger than its cousin, earth, but is made from a combination made of earth and fire, along with newer methods of making metal involving water and air as well.


    Metal is an element that can be extremely sturdy and difficult to break through without the proper tools. It tends to be used for majority of the modern things, like electronics or building structures. It is now an important part of society; one that people could no longer live without. He is one of the most dependable elements, and is very constant.


    Metal is the one that has supported man in each war for a long time now, and one that has helped develop new communication methods. Metal is the one that exists to help make humans’ lives easier to live.


    Metal takes after his mother, earth, in many ways. He stands strong and is always there; ready to be called to action by humans, whether it’s in war or through a new product made, like a phone or television.


    Metal is the son that earth is proud to have, and he does everything he can to be sure he is the ideal son. He always stands still and doesn’t bend and given until he is under too much pressure; he will bend if it’s what the human working with him requires and they are using the right materials. He can meld other parts to himself in different areas or contort himself into strange shapes to make a new creation with the human, from building a metal structure to small handmade figurines.


    Metal is the element that has helped make and build up heroes with his protection, but has also allowed villains to be made by him as well. He doesn’t like this part of himself, but he knows humans can do bad and good things. Through it all, metal will easily give in to their will, and in turn hope each person reaps what they sow for better or worse.

    ₰Electricity ₰

    Electricity is an element in its own way. It’s not common enough in nature since it only really happens during heavy storms, but humans harnessed their own version of the lightning they see and hear during storms.


    Electricity is the cousin to both fire and, in a way, to water. It is powerful enough to cause fire if something isn’t wired right or it hits something flammable during a storm. It is a cousin to water because the water in the clouds take part in making lightning.


    Electricity is another important thing in humans’ lives. It now runs the lights in their home, controls what temperature their home is, and keeps their food cooled. It has been harnessed enough that it provides entertainment for everyone, from little kids’ toys to helping run the phones and computers that are increasingly common.


    Electricity is a friendly thing that has been tamed so much that little shocks don’t hurt us and it’s fairly difficult to hurt yourself by touching or using something that has electricity in it. But the more of it there is, the more it remembers its old ways.


    Electricity is a thing that loves heights and metal with a passion in his wild form, especially since they are within easier reach of him in nature. Electricity is something that can, on rare occasions, cause many problems and hurt people. But, despite all that, electricity is loved by everyone for helping make their lives easier.


    Electricity is something that isn’t something to be feared in day-to-day life, since he is tamed and kept under control within the wires he is sent through each day. Electricity is such an important part to modern life than everyone would miss him if he up and left one day. And because of this, he does his best to stay around and not harm anyone.

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